PIXIM and Sony CCD-Differences

There is no doubt that CCTV Cameras with Sony CCD account for a large percentage of the CCTV Camera Market, and PIXIM ‘s biggest competitor is Sony CCD. Some people say CCTV Cameras with Sony CCD is better than PIXIM Security cameras while some argues PIXIM WDR Cameras are better than Sony CCD Cameras. DragonEye Security is going to show you the pros and cons of each type of the cameras.

Before making the comparisons, we need to figure out what exactly we are comparing. The latest type of Sony CCD Cameras we mostly use is 700TVL CCTV Cameras equipped with 1/3" EXview HAD CCD II, , 0.01Lux, OSD Menu, Effio-E, and ATR. The latest type of PIXIM Cameras we use is 690TVL PIXIM Cameras with Seawolf Solution, WDR function, and OSD Menu. Please notice that the mostly often used Sony CCD Cameras don’t have the WDR function. But this is not saying there is no Sony CCD WDR Cameras, contrarily there are Sony CCD Cameras with WDR function, just the prices are much more expensive than PIXIM WDR Cameras. So mostly people are comparing Sony CCD Cameras without WDR function with PIXIM WDR Function.

Comapring PIXIM to Sony CCD 

Now What is WDR? Its full name is Wide Dynamic Range. Wide Dynamic Range technology of cameras is used to offer clear images even under back lighting environment where intensity of light vary a lot, namely when there are both very bright and very dark in the areas where cameras capture, WDR can make the cameras capture both the bright and dark areas in the same frame, which means with WDR, you can see the subjects in the most natural way. Because it helps you distinguish features and shapes on the subjects. WDR cameras are often recommended for places where light comes from different angles such as in a room where there are several windows. For example, cameras placed inside a room and pointed towards a window or the door will be the case. Especially for those big stores or buildings that have big glass doors or windows. In this case 690TVL PIXIM WDR Cameras will definitely be the best options, as they have high resolution up to 690TV lines as well as the WDR functions.

PIXIM - Sony CCD comparison.

In our test for 700TVL Sony CCD CCTV Cameras and 690TVl PIXIM WDR Cameras, we have found that the 700TVL Sony CCD CCTV Cameras actually have better performance than 690TVL PIXIM WDR Cameras at night(low light environment), which is the Sony CCD Cameras have clearer images and less noise than PIXIM Cameras that have. During the test at night, the IR was turned on. During the day time and under the normal and stable lighting environment, their performance are quite close, however under the back lighting environment, PIXIM WDR Cameras do have a better performance as the subjects the PIXIM Cameras show are most closer to the original subjects. If the 700TVL Sony CCD CCTV Cameras have WDR function, they will also probably do a good job at the back light environment. However, the High Resolution Sony CCD Cameras with WDR function in the market is very expensive.

DragonEye Security offers both PIXIM WDR Cameras and High Resolution Sony CCD Cameras up to 700TVL. Welcome to contact us and get the quotation. If you have any technical problems with CCTV products, we also would like to help.