Buying CCTV Cameras – Do you get what you pay for?

As is known to all, there's no such thing as a free lunch. When you are about to purchase CCTV Cameras and CCTV related products, how can you make sure that the CCTV Distributors or CCTV Retailers really offer you the products with the same specifications as you see on the price lists or websites? In fact, we know that some factories mark low resolution CCTV Cameras as high resolution CCTV Cameras, for instance, 420TVL Vandalproof Camera is labeled with 540TVL Resolution, when you see the price, you may find it quite good, however, you are not getting what you pay for. (TVL is Television Lines, mainly refer to the resolution of your camera here, namely how clear your camera can see.)

Veifying CCTV Camera quality

If you are a CCTV dealer/distributor or installer, consider investing in a CCTV Test Monitor and a standard resolution test chart. If you have the standard resolution test chart file, you can print the resolution test chart with A3 paper based on the picture standard. Next, put the test chart on the wall, and let the camera you bought to shoot the resolution test chart after you connect the camera to your CCTV test monitor. Then you need to observe the resolution test chart on the monitor, mainly to see the most lines you can see in the center or the most lines of 10 group center lines you can see. Note, if you use black and white monitor, please use over 600TVL monitor. If you use color monitor, adjust the color saturation to the lowest.

Security Equipment Installers rely upon manufacturers specifications

However, the truth is many CCTV distributors and security equipment installers don’t have the tendency to do the test, so if the CCTV factory sells them the 700TVL CCTV Cameras which are actually 600TVL Cameras, the difference on the ordinary CCTV Monitors may be not big, and you still believe that you got a good deal on the 700TVL CCTV Cameras. If you are not in the CCTV Products business, and only want to buy CCTV Cameras to use, then you probably won’t do the test either.

High-quality CCTV Cameras can work with the DVRs in a positive way in the long run, as higher resolution will help your DVR with the compression so that your DVR can perform its full functions! Usually, security cameras should be matched with the DVRs which are suitable for them. If you buy 380TVL CCTV Cameras, but you use Full D1 DVRs, apparently, this is not suitable. In addition, you should also be aware of the bluffings from DVR dealers. More info about how to buy DVRs will be coming soon.

Quality You Can Trust!

At DragonEye Security Shop, we sell CCTV Products with the real specifications. You get what you pay for! We also would like to give you some advice when you want to buy CCTV Products from other CCTV Dealers in China, as we have the deep insights into the CCTV Market in China. We can offer you the guide about what products you should avoid, and how much the price of certain CCTV Products should be in China, etc...