When shopping for a CCTV Camera, what specification do you care about most?

Waterproof IR Camera
600TVL Waterproof IR Camera

Yes, correct! Video Resolution, which is the most essential part you take into consideration when purchasing a CCTV camera or Security Camera. The resolution basically means how much detail you can see in the image. Normally, the TV Lines of CCTV Cameras range from 420TVL to 700TVL, the more horizontal lines, the clearer image and the higher price you need to pay for. For instance, at DragonEye Security Shop, the price of an economical 600TVL Vandalproof IR Dome Camera with Sony CCD is around 38USD without shipping fee, and the 700TVL Vandalproof IR Dome Camera with Sony CCD will be around 49USD. So if there is someone trying to sell you high resolution surveillance cameras with prices under the normal market level, then you should proceed with caution..

So you may wonder what mostly determines the resolution of CCTV Cameras or Security Cameras? The answer is Charge Coupled Device or Complementary Metal Oxide, you may not be familiar with the terms, but their abbreviations are what we use very often in the industry of surveillance cameras on a daily basis, which are CCD and CMOS. The CCD or CMOS’s main job is to convert light into electrical pictures, so the overall quality of the video relies heavily on CCD or CMOS.

CCD is more popular among the Security System market than CMOS, simply because CCD offers clearer images, better light sensitivity, and higher quality of color conversion. The CCTV Cameras with CCD chips are definitely more expensive than the CCTV Cameras with CMOS chips. Most of the CCTV Cameras that DragonEye Security sells are equipped with Real Sony CCD, so the video quality is guaranteed. The TV Lines of the wired, wireless, and IP Cameras that Dragoneye Security manufacture ranges from 420TVL to 700TVL, some of them also have the WDR function, Wide Dynamic Range.

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Vandalproof Camera with Sony CCD